Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good Job, Son

Today I will brag on my son. He will begin college next year at UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham), and we received notice a couple of days ago that as one of the top academic students he has earned the Presidential Scholarship, $8000 renewable for 4 years! That doesn't quite cover everything, but he also has other grant and scholarship opportunities ahead. Not to mention working close to full time. He will finish with his high school courses (come on, son, you can write that research paper!) in January; with the exception of his 2nd Calculus course at the local Community College (where he has an A in the first course) that is in the spring semester. And my parents worried about us homeschooling our kids! I better call them and tell them the news...

I told my 2 oldest several years ago that they needed to figure out how they were going to pay for college; there was no way we would be able to help them. College is not required, but if they aren't in school they will need to plan to support themselves. They will NOT sponge off of us. They are of course welcome to stay home as long as they are in school and we will help them however we can. Plans are now finalizing for the oldest, and I am proud of his accomplishments. I'll also be glad to have one less home-school student to account for!!

God is SO GOOD!!
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