Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dojo Rules and Regulations, Dojo Etiquette

1) Treat the dojo with respect:
Bow when entering or leaving the dojo area.
Leave your shoes lined up neatly against the wall.
Do not misuse the equipment or the building.
Clean up after yourself and your children. Know where your children are and what they are doing at all times.
Students are welcome to come early and train on their own, but horseplay will not be allowed.

2) Nursery and children:
Our families are welcome to use the nursery for their children. Please make sure you leave it clean and put everything back in place, and take out any garbage (especially diapers!). During the family class, small children and mothers are welcome to come and go as needed. During the 2nd hour, children should stay out of the dojo area.

3)Starting class:
All students will line up according to rank and seniority. If a student comes in late, regardless of rank, they shall line up at the rear of the class.

A bow is a greeting and a sign of respect.
When bowing to someone of higher rank, bow lower than they do.
Bow when you enter and leave the dojo.
Bow to the front of the dojo and to sensei at the beginning and end of class.
Bow to your partner before and after training with them.
Bow to anyone teaching you, regardless of rank.
Bow when giving or receiving a weapon.

5)During Class:
Sensei is the authority in any martial arts setting.
Proper respect and discipline will be maintained at all times.
When Sensei or an upper level black belt first enters the training area, the senior student on the floor will call the class to attention and have them bow. The class may then continue training.
When a student must leave the class during training, they must first receive permission from the instructor unless there is an extreme emergency.
Visitors and parents should watch quietly in the back of the dojo.

6) Face the rear of the dojo when adjusting your gi.

7) Jewelry should be removed during training to avoid injury.

8) No food or drink is allowed in the gym. Because we want to condition our bodies properly, students should drink only water during class.

9) Keep your uniform and yourself clean. Keep your fingernails and toenails short.

10) Refrain from misusing your knowledge.
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