Saturday, September 29, 2007


Lately I have been focusing a lot on prayer. I’d like to offer you a list of things to pray for, for yourself, your family, your church, and me:

Hunger and desire for God and His Word
Encouragement for your pastor
The pastor's and church leader’s wives
For our church leaders to know God’s direction and go there, even if it’s not the direction they prefer (humility)
True humility, forgetting yourself
Energy, life, and passion
Commitment, to God and your church
A sense of God’s power
For God to raise up Prayer Warriors
Grow deep in the faith, the Word, knowledge, and wisdom
For the church to grow wide in numbers
For our husbands to be strong, spiritual leaders
Also, take your Bible and pray through it. It will change your life.



Wow, here I am finally, in blogland. As I have looked into this and thought about it, researched it and prayed about it, I realized there should be a purpose to my blog. Hmm. What is my purpose here? I think my purpose must be to write what God is teaching me with the prayer that He can use that to teach others. Somewhere lurks the hope that one day I will be published, that God will use my writing in a way that will help pay my bills. But right now I think I’m supposed to just write. However, if you know of a market for the kinds of things I write, feel free to pass that along to me and we will see what happens.

My plan here is to post some random thoughts about once a week, and post an article about once a week. As I have time I will post a bunch of my past articles as well. Please comment, suggest, and question! I like discussion!