Saturday, September 29, 2007


Wow, here I am finally, in blogland. As I have looked into this and thought about it, researched it and prayed about it, I realized there should be a purpose to my blog. Hmm. What is my purpose here? I think my purpose must be to write what God is teaching me with the prayer that He can use that to teach others. Somewhere lurks the hope that one day I will be published, that God will use my writing in a way that will help pay my bills. But right now I think I’m supposed to just write. However, if you know of a market for the kinds of things I write, feel free to pass that along to me and we will see what happens.

My plan here is to post some random thoughts about once a week, and post an article about once a week. As I have time I will post a bunch of my past articles as well. Please comment, suggest, and question! I like discussion!

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