Saturday, November 24, 2007


We want to
Walk with You as did Adam and Eve in the Garden,
See You as did Moses in the Burning Bush,
Hear You as did Elijah in the quiet whisper,
Touch the hem of Your clothes as did the woman who was ill,
Have our feet washed by You as did the disciples,
Break bread and drink wine with You as at the Last Supper,
Be raised to life from the dead as You did for Lazarus.

Oh LORD please
Speak to us as You spoke to Noah,
Guide us as You guided Abraham,
Comfort us as You comforted Joseph in prison,
Lead us in power as You led the Israelites coming out of Egypt,
Take us from this world as You took Elijah,
Empower us as You empowered Elisha,
Kill giants through us as You did with David,
Give us wisdom as You gave Solomon,
Be pleased with us as You were with Your Son at His Baptism,
Show us Your glory as You did on the mountain at Transfiguration,
Fill us with the Holy Spirit as You did at Pentecost,
Blind us as You blinded Saul,
Open our eyes as You opened the blind man’s.
Turn our water into wine,
Feed us as You fed the 5000,
Cook breakfast for us as You cooked the for disciples by the sea,
Come to us in the Upper Room.
Care for us as a shepherd cares for His sheep,
Gather us in as a hen gathers her chicks.

Give us
the wings of eagles
the faith of a mustard seed,
the diligence of an ant.

Love us with the unconditional love of a Father and the joy of a Bridegroom.

God, thank You for Your Word that gives us knowledge and promises
Your Spirit that gives us wisdom and comfort
Your Son who gives us salvation and sonship.

Rebecca A Givens, 11/07
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