Friday, November 30, 2007

Little Warriors

Little Warriors Street Safety Workbook And Program
The Little Warriors Street Safety Program

This optional workbook is designed for kids under 10. It covers many of the aspects of safety that I teach, making it a great reinforcement to what we do in class. These are available for $15. If you have a child who enjoys books and workbooks, they would enjoy this. I will order them as there is interest.

You can read more about this program and the workbook at

Please note: there are a few pages in the book that advocate principles that I do not teach, because I do not believe they are effective. I will put in my own explanations of these few pages and you can cross them out if you wish.

I have developed a list of skills to teach from this program, and Kids under 12 who complete the program (the workbook is not required) by attending all of the required classes will receive a purple chevron for their gi. The skills will be taught cyclically, each skill will eventually come around again so there is no need to worry about missed classes.
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