Friday, December 19, 2008



Creator stepped into His Creation,
Not as Ruler,
although He had that right
and indeed He does rule,
But He walked as a part of His creation;
As a baby, a child, a man.

An Infinite Creator
housed in a finite body.
King over all;
Living not in a palace
lording over His servants;
but walking the earth
with His subjects.

The heavens celebrated His coming
with a brilliant star.
John leapt with joy and welcome
from his mother’s womb.
The heavenly host filled the sky with
“Glory to God in the highest!”
The shepherds came in awe.
The Wise men brought kingly gifts
into His humble surroundings.

Simeon and Anna longed for His coming;
they knew Him and blessed Him,
proclaiming the redemption
of Israel,
and of the world.

In fear Herod sought His death.
In faith Mary and Joseph trusted God’s plan.

Christ our Lord walked this earth;
He lived and loved,
He laughed and wept,
He suffered and died.
He walked with us.
He was one of us.
He lived for us;
He died for us.
So we could live for Him,
and die for Him.


Rebecca A Givens 12/19/08
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