Friday, December 12, 2008

The Birth of Christ

I have started reading through the gospels this week. (yes, I know how behind I am! The important thing is to not quit) As I have thought about Emmanuel, God with us, I began to wonder what Jesus was like as a child, or as an adult in person. Do you ever get a "feeling" about somebody that you meet? Maybe you feel a connection, or you feel that they can be trusted, or that they are pretty good folks. Or, you feel creepy or uneasy about somebody. What kind of feeling must Jesus have projected to those around Him? Could you sense God in the flesh?

Not only that, but when I imagine Christ being here on earth, in the flesh, I get this picture of nature rejoicing at the coming of its Creator. The whole earth is groaning under the curse, did the whole earth rejoice as Christ walked through it?

What would the enemies of God sense about this Man? That is unfathomable to me. When I think of seeing Christ face to face, I feel an irresistible pull, like gravity, drawing me to worship Him, and an unspeakable joy in His Presence. I suppose it is the mystical nature in me that wants to see nature drawn to Him that way as well. Did the trees get greener and grow taller? Were the flowers more beautiful? Did the birds sing to Him? Did the animals desire His attention and affection? We know the children did. I think they sensed His love for them. That amazing, untainted love. What would it be like to see that in His face, in the flesh?

I can't wait for Heaven.
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