Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christ on earth

As I continue reading through the gospels, I am still thinking about what it was like to meet Christ in the flesh. I have never read them from that perspective, I have always taken it for granted and just read for myself without thinking about what the people then didn't know about Him. It is a different way to look at things.

The religious leaders of the day were complicated. Jesus wasn't who they expected. They had studied their scripture, but seem to have skipped over some parts of it or focused only on what they wanted to believe. But it wasn't ignorance that pitted them against Him, it was pride and power. They were jealous of His influence and they saw Him taking away their own power over the people. Perhaps this is what blinded them to His divinity. How could they look at Him and not know who He was? How could they not just fall on their faces before Him?

Scripture says that people are blind until God opens their eyes. That He reveals Himself in His own time. That if we seek Him we will find Him. So I guess if we don't seek Christ and don't want Him, we are blind. And unless God intervenes we will stay that way.

Thank You Lord, for opening my eyes!
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