Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Calling of the Disciples

Today I read about Jesus calling His disciples. Remember I was speculating what He must have been like? I'm still thinking about that. If you meet a man and He looks at you and tells you to follow Him... what would it take for you to drop everything and go? What did they see in His face? In His eyes? What made Him irresistable? Have you ever had someone you did not know well look into your eyes and see your soul? I met a man of God once who did that to me. It was irresistable. It was grace and love and understanding and it touched some deep part of me. I have experienced it a few times since then, but only with people I know well.

Whatever it was with Jesus, when they met Him and He called them, they came. I pray that I would be as quick to follow.
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