Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Bible

My Bible still has not turned up. Thanks so much to those who have e-mailed or called to ask. I turn the pages of another Bible I picked up off the shelf and it all feels so different. You know how home feels? Safe, comfortable, familiar? That's how my old Bible felt. In karate we bow in... that sets the stage for training; my body and my mind slip into a mindset to forget everything else and train. My Bible was the same. The feel of it, the memories of it, the well known passage on a particular page; they prepared my heart and drew me into conversation with God. My notebook was hundreds of pages of incomplete thoughts; ideas waiting to be explored, prayers waiting to be prayed, random thoughts waiting to be linked into something coherant, memories of blessings.

Yet God is still the same, His Word is still the same. LOL, I guess my own state of mind is not the same; but it was never too stable to begin with. Today I will buy a new notebook. I suspect I will have lots more incomplete thoughts to fill it with!
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