Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Romans 1:20-27

We are going through Romans in my Wednesday morning Bible Study. This morning we read Romans 1:20-27. It's all about man being without excuse because we can know God exists through nature, and how God gives people over to sinful desires. The progression is very graphic.

Do not acknowledge God, or glorify Him, or thank Him.
Futile thinking
Foolish , darkened heart
sexual impurity

My thoughts as we talked through this progression in the "world" I suddenly realized that this is also happening in the church. We now have churches that have the name "Christian" who teach that it is ok to be homosexual. I am not talking about condemning homosexuals, I am talking about saying that God thinks it's ok to live that lifestyle. The Bible, God's Word to us, clearly states that this lifestyle is wrong, it is a sin. Yet we have churches here in America that openly teach that this is acceptable.

My next thought was sadness for all the people being deceived there. People who think they are doing what God wants them to because some preacher said so.

My next thought was less gracious for them, because whose fault is it if they don't read God's Word for themselves?
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