Wednesday, March 25, 2009


All martial artists seek the source of strength and power within themselves. Martial arts teaches you to look inside yourself for strength, from that place in the center of your being, your tanden or your hara.

As a Believer I have an unlimited source of strength within me – the Holy Spirit. He dwells at the center of my being – my gut, my hara, my tanden. That is more important than my heart – physical or emotional. It is more important than my brain – my intellect or thought. It is my center; the balance point deep inside me.

From my center I settle, I focus, I sink, I relax. I turn and move. I stand strong. I root myself to the ground. I act and react. I block and strike and control.

Lord, I pray for Your Grace and Peace to flow through me.

Not my own energy
or spirit
or muscle
Not my thoughts or my fears.

But the Grace and Peace of God Almighty
The Blood of Christ Jesus
my Saviour and Redeemer.

The Faith and confidence
Your Spirit imparts
to seal and keep me.

That is focus – kime
and mushin – no-mind
and chi – energy.

Rebecca A Givens, 03/2009
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