Saturday, March 21, 2009

Acts, background

Well, since I finished reading the Bible through for my morning devotions, I have started working my way through a podcast course from Covenant Theological Seminary on The Life and Letters of Paul. I put the lecture in my ipod along with my other podcasts that I listen to while I am cooking or cleaning house by myself. (I don't listen outside, I like the outside sounds of life: wind, birds, etc. And I don't listen if my family is around, I like their conversation!) I do the reading as my devotions each morning, and once I have caught up with the reading I listen to the podcast again while sitting at my desk and taking notes. This helps me get the most out of what I am learning.

Anyway, I just finished Lesson 1 this morning, and it was excellant. I am not going to reproduce my notes here, but there are a few thoughts I want to share...

Why did Jesus call to Discipleship?
The answer is in the historical background of the New Testament (which is found in the OT), which is:
Creation - Glory
Fall - Misery
Redemption - Glory

God's work goes on, unhindered, with or without me, or anybody else. The question is, will I be a part of it? God's purpose will not be stopped by economic problems or church problems or anything. But His mercy is so great that He still consoles us in our problems.

Trauma and difficulty focuses you on the problem. When you are well you have 1000s of wishes. When you are sick you have only one wish.

If you understand something, you have it. Just being able to make it work is not enough; Christianity is not pragmatic, it is not true because it works. Lots of things work in the short term. Christianity works because it is true. It works and it is true; we have to understand it and live it. Not that we will ever comprehend God... but it is not enough to just do the works of Christianity. God requires our body, our heart, and our head; works, soul, and thought.
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