Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bird Flight

While working outside this afternoon I spent some time watching the birds flitting around our bird feeders. As they flew about from the various trees and bushes they looked really awkward and erratic. They were not at all graceful in their flight! I wondered how they kept from hitting each other or tree limbs or the bird feeder. Their paths went up and down and side to side rather than in a straight line; they didn’t swoop or soar. Their little wings seemed to beat in a random pattern rather than a smooth rhythm. Yet they never missed the perch they were aiming for, and they never hit anything on the way. They could perch sideways on the wall or the post, on top of the bird feeder or the shed, on a small limb buried deep in the brush pile. It was amazing.

Sometimes God’s plan for my life’s journey feels like the bird’s erratic flight. It seems to be random flitting about rather than graceful. Yet it always ends where He wants me to be.
May God give you a sure perch, no matter how erratic your flight is!

Rebecca A Givens, 02/2009
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