Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Little Peeps

We have some new chicks that are now one week old. I love to sit in the hen house and watch the little fluff balls, they have such sweet, calm little peeps while they run around scratching and eating. Then they all get tired so they snuggle up together and fall asleep, until one of them jumps up to go eat, running over the backs and heads of the others. Then their little heads will pop up, their bright eyes looking around until their heads droop and their eyes glaze over once again.

Some of the more aggressive little peepers will stand up straight and flex their wings out at each other. It is quite comical to see these 2 inch tall balls of fluff trying to look fierce. I want to laugh at them. In their little world they rule… until they need me to provide food and water, and heat and shelter, or until I step in and pick one up. Today I expanded their brooding pen and their world suddenly got bigger. At first they didn’t want to stray into the unknown area, away from their comfortable heat source. I laughed as they began to realize the world is bigger than they had thought it was.

I think perhaps I am more like these little chicks than I would care to admit. I am 2 inches tall, living in a warm brooder box, being taken care of by someone who is so big I cannot comprehend Him any more than those little peeps can comprehend me. Sometimes I get pushed out into the cold, sometimes I get picked up and held, sometimes I hear strange and scary noises and I want to run around peeping frantically.

The difference is that I can know and love and serve the One who is in control of my life. Those little peepers will eventually come to know me, to know at least that I bring food! And I will come to know each of them as individuals. I will enjoy them, their clucks and their antics and their eggs. But I will never be a chicken, I will never step into their world as one of them, I will never know their thoughts (if they have any), and I will never give my life for theirs. God did those things for me. While I was lost and clueless about Him, He stepped into my world as a human being and offered me salvation.

I want to know this One, this Man, this Christ, this Creator and Sustainer, this God who has stooped down to my level and claimed me as His own. I want to know Him and to love Him and to serve Him.

Lord, bless this little peep who desires to serve You.

Rebecca A Givens, 3/8/09
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