Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hangin' with my Peeps

I love hangin with my peeps.

This is Hawk. We aren't sure what his/her variety is... but he is very agile and lively.

Can you believe that 27 of these baby chicks came in this box?! Maybe 4 of them would fit in it now. I hate that I didn't take any pictures of them when they were tiny and fuzzy...
But here is a picture of the babies that I got off the McMurray Hatchery website. You could easily pick them up and cup them in your hands.

Now you have to chase them down and they are more than a huge handful.
The white one is Angel. We can't decide if she's the same variety as the other yellow ones or something different...

This is Peeps. We named her when she was small, but she is now the biggest chick out there... Peeps doesn't exactly suit her anymore!

I gave them a spent collard plant out of the garden to peck at...

This is red because the heat lamp is red...

And last of all is a short video so you can hear the lovely little peeps:
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