Saturday, July 4, 2009


I just returned from a week in Ohio. I had not planned to go, but a few weeks ago child #3's ride to OSAS, harp camp, fell through. I didn't have a great attitude going into this... money, cancelling classes, getting off work (therefore not getting paid), all the stuff I have to do. But I have to say that God knew what He was doing by making me go. I spent lots of time reading, studying, hiking, and sleeping. I spent time on my Life and Letters of Paul class, started studing in Romans, continued meditating in Psalms, listened to R.C. Sproul's podcasts, and Ravi Zacharias' podcasts, wrote a little, prayed a lot, read a few pointless novels. It took a few days for the rest to sink into my soul... and I did not realize how tense and stressed I have been until rest seeped in. I slept for the first time in months. I never would have dreamed how comfortable a cheap, narrow air mattress on the ground could be! Over the next few days I am going to post my thoughts that arose out of that week...
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