Monday, July 6, 2009

More Rest

With each passing day here I find the peace and the rest sinking deeper into me. Each day I breathe easier, I relax more, I sleep better. I keep thinking, “I found it! This is wonderful!” Only to find the next day I feel it even more, even deeper.

How do I take this home with me? How do I live in the present, in the moment, yet keep my eyes on eternity? How do I keep my soul in this place of God’s rest?

How do I remember who I am? How do I do what I am supposed to do?

I want to love my husband and let him love me.
I want to hug my kids.
I want to be the wife and mother I am supposed to be.

Yet I live in a fallen world, a fallen body, a fallen heart. Fears, finances, busyness, job. Responsibilities pull me in every direction. My thoughts and my intentions scatter to the wind with the beginning of each day. Every task presses in and squeezes me tighter, constricting my heart.

How does the rest of the soul happen in the chaos of the world?

Perhaps it exists:
In the hours before dawn when the house is asleep.
In the arms of my husband.
In the meditation of a kata.
In the quiet moments before sleep.
In the peace of a worship service.
In a cup of coffee with a friend.
In a cold beer.
In my pastor’s office.
In a walk through the woods.
In the surety of the knowledge of the sovereignty of God.
In the meditation of Scripture.
In a well written word.
In the help of a friend.
In the warmth of a fire.
In the coolness of a swim.
In a motorcycle ride.

Lord God, open my eyes and my heart to Your rest.

becky givens
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