Wednesday, July 8, 2009


12 hours is a long drive
it’s much easier to put up a tent with 2 people
a cold shower sucks
some girls dress like prostitutes… in public
my new friend is a little squirrel named Chatter
I saw 3 fawns
a rabbit ran under my legs as I sat in the camp chair, his friend watched
rain falling on the tent is not a comforting sound
I am a loner, but I still get lonely
I like the woods and being outside
bugs walking on the water is cool
I struggle with depression. can’t deny it anymore
people in Ohio talk funny
there is more to life than martial arts
it’s nice to be remembered
old people are wonderful
take what comes – don’t force it
God is relational
giant fish
baby ducks
rest and peace seep in slowly
does it always rain here?
the sound of the wind
my soul finds rest in God alone
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