Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have been reading through the gospels lately, and am now up to the crucifixion. It's a story that we all know well, perhaps too well, because we just read along and Jesus dies and we go on about our day. But this time through it struck me deeply. Jesus tells the women to not weep for Him, but to weep for themselves and their children because difficult times are coming. But they can't see that far into the future, they can only see their Lord being taken away. Then I found myself weeping with Mary at the foot of the cross. The thought of His blood flowing, the realization of my own judgment being thrust upon this perfect Man, of Him bearing the hate and anger that God has for my sin, it is just more than I can take. I see Him hanging there, in physical, mental, and emotional agony, looking down through the centuries at me. Looking into my eyes. On His face, in His body, the agony is plainly evident. But in His eyes there is Love. This look, this love shining out of His agony, it breaks me. I can't help but fall at His feet in awe of what He has done. I can't help but pledge my life to this Man.

May He be real to you.
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