Friday, October 29, 2010

Stacy Smith on Emotions

Mind + Will = Overcomes Emotions

A woman will throw away truth for an emotion.
Emotions turn you into a dangerous woman, an instrument of cruelty.
I am the first victim of my heart.

I can choose to change my mind.
Be intentional with the will.
Scripture overcomes emotions.
The Word tempers and calms emotions.
Identify the thought, give it to Christ.
Speak, think, and pray the Word!
Find, memorize, and meditate on scripture that specifically speaks to my fears.

Fears and broken relationships cause wrong emotions.

Accept your design.
Accept your unpredictable emotions.
Don't give in to them.
Anticipate the cycles of life.
Sleep and nutrition are huge factors in emotions.
Develop godly, discipling relationships rather than just friends.
Make failures right.
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