Thursday, October 21, 2010

Marry Kassian on Creation

Man and Woman - more like God than anything else

Gender displays God
We are an object lesson, it is not about us.
Gender, sex, manhood, and womanhood tell a story about who God is.
About who He is and about what He does.
Gender tells the love story of the gospel.

1. Adam was 1st born, therefore holds responsibility.
(Christ is 1st born of God)
2. Adam was created outside the garden, then put into it.
Man leaves his parents and becomes head of his own family, with a new position of responsibility.
(Christ left heaven to pursue his bride, the church)
3. Man is commissioned to work, to provide.
4. Man is commissioned to protect. He has a stronger body and is built to fight.
5. Man received spiritual instruction, and is to provide spiritual oversight.
6. Man learned to exercise authority (named the animals).
Woman's authority is different and not interchangable>

God made man need woman, and made him aware of that need.
He pierced the side of man (Christ was pierced) for woman.

1. Female was created from male.
Remember where you came from! We have an obligation to respect.
2. Female was made for male. She exists because he exists.
3. Female was created to help male. For what?
To fit as a like-opposite. To help along-side.
Not about exaulting man and serving him, but to help him image God and tell the gospel story.
To help him in the purpose to glorify God.
4. Female deferred to male.
He leads, he names, she responds.
God does not violate our personality!
5. Female was the perfect counterpart
man - ish - strength, virility, worker
woman - isha - soft, responder, relator, receiver
6. Female created in the garden.
Created in a place of safety. Always under protection, kept safe, , loved and cherished.
Sensitive and vulnerable.

God has a spectacular design for my womanhood.
God wants me to say yes to His design.
God will do an amazing work of restoration.
Jesus has the power to restore what has been damaged.
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