Monday, October 25, 2010

Mary Kassian on Proverbs 7:6-27

Wild Thing!

Wildness warps true womanhood
in big ways, like infidelity,
but also in many little ways.

Dress as a prostitute
Wiley of hearty - crafty, manipulative, nag, badger
Loud - clamors to get way, brash, sassy
Wayward - rebellious
Never home - self-indulgent, priorities are wrong,
going out at the expense of what she should be doing.
Lies in wait - predator, waiting for the next thing
Warps focus
Warps roles - she seizes him and he follows her
She comes out to meet him - lonely,
only God can fill that deepest desire, not man (her husband traveling is no excuse)
Opulance in the bedroom - shopoholic
Entitlement - self-gratification,
wanted fun, wanted to be loved, immediate gratification
She talked circles around him
No boundaries

There is a powerful pull on women to go wild
She was religious
In church that morning, having a fling that night
Wildness seems attractive, harmless, promising
Women have great influence

There must be an intentional turning from wild to wise
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