Sunday, April 12, 2009

Give it up for Jesus

As you may remember (or not) I am going through Valley of Vision: A collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions. This morning I read this:

"I give my body, soul, intellect, will, affections to Thee."

As I thought about this and prayed it along with the author, I was struck by the thought that perhaps this is what is missing in typical Christians today, at least here in America. They have given their souls to Christ, they signed up for eternal life and a free pass from hell, but what about the rest of themselves? Body, intellect, will, affections? Are we not supposed to give those to God as well?

Today is Easter, Resurrection Day. What did Christ give for me? Body, intellect, will, affections, soul... what part did He hold back in purchasing me? What part of me did He not purchase?

Lord, I do give my body, soul, mind, will, and emotions to You.

P.S. Well, I was trying to put a title on this post and the words that came into my mind were "Let's give it up for Jesus!" I hear these words at Christian concerts, on Christian radio, everywhere in the contemporary Christian scene. What does it mean? That we are going to clap for Him? Yell and scream rock concert style? What is up with that? How hard is it to do that? Why don't we give ourselves up for Jesus? Our body, soul, mind, will, and emotions? Not to mention time and stuff. Just something to think about.
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