Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Acts, history

I am slowly continuing in my podcast course of The Life and Letters of Paul. I am reading a book called Luke: Historian & Theologian (Gospel Profiles, 3), and between that and the first few lectures I have seen a dangerous side to the study of Theology. Anytime you isolate a bit of scripture or an idea, or even if you just get focused on one thing and ignore another part of Scripture, you can get into some very dangerous beliefs and interpretations. It is so important to take the Whole Bible as the Word of God.

How many professing Christians today have read the entire Bible even once?

If you don't know what God says, how can you know God?

What are you wasting your time on?

Here's a Read the Bible Through in a Year chronologically plan. You can search the internet to find other plans. And if you are not a big reader, Max McClean has a very cool Bible on MP3 that will read it to you according to whatever plan you choose. (hint - I would love to have this!) There is no excuse!
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