Monday, April 6, 2009

Come and you will see

John the Baptist points two of his disciples to Christ, “Behold, the Lamb of God.” So they follow Jesus down the path.
He knows they are behind Him. He turns around, “What do you want?”
“Rabbi, where are You staying?”
“Come and you will see.”

Can you see beneath this scene? Can you see beyond the spoken words? Look deeper.

These are John’s disciples. What does that mean? It means they served him, listened to his teaching, followed him, helped him, trusted him, believed him. (Kind of like an uchi deshi, a special sensei/student relationship.) John said Jesus was the Son of God, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. John physically pointed Christ out to them.

So they physically turned and started walking after Jesus. Out of curiosity? Out of knowledge? Out of belief, or faith? I don’t know. But they did. Jesus knew they were there and He engaged them. “What do you want?”

The response of John’s disciples was, “Where are you staying, Teacher (Master, Rabbi, Lord)?” Do you see what this short question can mean? God, where are You? Will You speak to me? Will you answer me? Do You know who I am? Do You care?

Jesus’ response was, “Come and you will see.” I can be found, I will respond to you. I know you, and you can know me.

Does God do this for me? For whatever reason, I notice Him. He turns to me and asks, “What do you want, Becky?”
“God where are You? Will you speak to me? Can I know You”
And His answer, every time, is, “Come and you will see.”

©Rebecca A Givens, 04/04/09
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