Friday, December 14, 2007

Keep Me

Thank You God, for who You have made me to be.

You have given me strength of character
The will to fight
The determination to not give up
The intelligence to learn
A love of learning
The ability to think
The ability to imitate
A desire for You
A hunger and thirst for Your Word
Good leaders to follow
Spiritual sensitivity
Tolerance of other’s weakness
A love for words
The ability to love
The ability to trust

Lord, keep reminding me of my own sin
Of my selfishness
Of my weakness
Of my fear
Of my failure
Of my pride
Of my lack of discipline
Of my loneliness
Of my need
Of my self-sufficient tendencies
Of my anger
Of my distrust

God, keep finishing me, don’t let me finish myself.
Keep teaching me.
Keep drawing me to Yourself.
Keep holding me close.
Keep me.

Rebecca A Givens, 12/14/07
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