Monday, December 31, 2007

Forgive Me


Forgive me.

I have been lonely and sought the company of Satan, my enemy,
rather than that of Christ, my Friend.

I have been bored and sought the entertainment of the world,
rather than the work of the Kingdom.

I have let my mind wander down paths of vain imaginings,
rather than taking my thoughts captive for Your sake.

I have taken advantage of Your mercy,
rather than loving You through my obedience.

I have not loved You,
I have not shown Your love to those around me,
I have only loved myself, have only served myself.

Forgive me.

There is no joy in this selfish state,
only fleeting and momentary pleasure.

Give me strength to turn from it,
to seek the eternal rather than the temporal,
to repent quickly,
to run after You,
to prove my love with my obedience,
to accept Your grace and mercy,
to allow Your spirit and Your love to flow through me to those around me.

Forgive me and accept me.
Thank You.

Rebecca A Givens, 12/31/07
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