Saturday, January 28, 2012


R left a comment/question on my Thoughts About Homosexuality post, and I thought it should be answered in a separate post because it brought up a point that I wanted to make clear.

That paper was addressed to Believers. I would never go out to an unbeliever and tell them homosexuality is a sin and you better do right… I would rather tell them the gospel. I agree that we cannot expect non-Christians to live by Christian standards, in any area.

I put this out there because so many of the mainline denominations are compromising on this issue, within the church. And that hurts me. To tell Christians that God is ok with homosexuality is just wrong. Just like the rampant pornography, adultery, and divorce in our churches is wrong. To say that God forgives is totally right, to provide an atmosphere where Believers can come together and support and pray for each other in their sins and temptations is right. But that is not what the "church" as a whole is saying. They are saying it is not a sin. The church is being corrupted in this area, and I could not keep silent about that.

You won’t find me going out there and campaigning in public. But within the body of Believers I have to take a stand on this. I see too many young people from solid Christian backgrounds buying into the civil rights aspect of this without understanding the moral undercurrent, and they are being deceived. This is a very slippery slope into an area of sin that is so hard to get free of.

I am not sure I totally answered your questions and concerns. But I believe the church has to figure out how to not compromise morally, yet accept and love sinners. How that works out in the political arena I don't know.
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