Monday, September 7, 2009

Thoughts from Thessalonians

Somewhat random notes from The Life and Letters of Paul:

If I see a problem in someone else, do I tear into them, or do I do what Paul did in Thessalonians?
Step back
See and acknowledge what God has done in them
Thank God
Then bring in challenge, growth, admonition and difficult conversations

God is at work and Paul will not violate the integrity of that work.

Theology is not based on need.

Can I let go of my life tomorrow?
Is there anything I feel I must do before I die?
Do I cling to what I have?
Do I possess my life?

Yet I do not abandon this life either - I am a steward of it.

Contribute today to what God has laid before your hand.

Am I pre-occupied with my own life?
with anything in this life?
even Christian instruction?
Does my Bible study just feed my curiosity, or does it change my life?

In times of depression remember:
God chose me
God enabled me to hear the Gospel
God is the author of the message I received
God is the head of the church
God wants my life to be conformed to His purposes

A purified life is the fruit of a right understanding of the coming of Christ.
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