Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Beast revisited

About a year ago I wrote a piece called The Beast. It was a very graphic... well, a vision I guess. It was not my imagination, it was what I actually saw. But I have been hesitant about it because let's face it, in conservative circles visions aren't something that happen now-a-days. I wasn't really sure what to do with what I saw, so I just wrote it without commentary or explanation.

This morning I have been thinking back on that vision, and I went back to read it. I realized what a gift that was... a horrible, scary gift. Because you see, as that voice whispers to me it sounds and feels like an old friend. I don't remember that it is a beast who wants to master me, to control me, to be set free by me. But as I read the account and saw it in my mind again, I could see the reality of the beast. It is no friend's voice. It is a voice that wants to lead me into hell.

I am in a war, a spiritual battle, that is very very real. So are you. It is happening in the world out there, in the government, in society, and in your heart.

Don't forget.
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