Sunday, August 9, 2009

The state of my life...


That is the state of my life at the moment.
Broken little toe that will not heal, so I am staying off it, sitting, foot propped and iced off and on.
That means no working out.
No training.
No riding.
And you know how that makes me feel.

On top of that there are no groceries
no laundry
no dishes
no cooking
no cleaning
That would make me feel wonderful if I was training or riding, but I am sitting here looking at it all not getting done!

You'd think I'd take advantage of this time to write or study, but without the working out I can't seem to sleep or get my head wrapped around any words coming in or going out.

So I purged my address book. Caught up on a bit of mindless paperwork. Downloaded the next podcast course I plan to listen to. I need to go though my inbox and get rid of at least half of it. And read some mindless escape in Harry Potter. Next week I will work some extra, with my foot propped. And go to Texas where I can sit and do nothing there.

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