Tuesday, May 13, 2008

David and Bathsheba

Today I read about David and Bathsheba; quite a familiar story. The problem with reading familiar stories is that sometimes you remember more than you read and you don’t notice the details that perhaps you missed before. I kept seeing Veggie Tales! LOL!

Anyway, as I read about David’s son dying, something caught my eye. David wept and fasted and begged God while the baby was sick. But after the baby died, he got up and washed and ate. He said he did it because God might let the child live; but God didn’t. David’s reaction to God’s “no” answer to his prayer was one of simple acceptance. Get up and get on with the next thing. No anger, no depression, no “pity party”. David presented his request to God, got a no answer, and went on.

I pray that I would be so accepting of God’s will when it goes contrary to my own desires.
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