Thursday, April 17, 2008

Samuel and Saul

Today I read where the people ask Samuel for a king. Samuel knows a king is wrong at this point, God plainly tells him that. The people want a king so they will be like all the nations around them, even after Samuel points out the bad parts of having a king. They ask for a king and God gives them one, even though it is a bad idea... why is that? Why does God give them something even when it is bad for them? Does he ever do that for us? Give us what we want instead of what we should have? I need to be careful what I pray for. God tells us to "pray in the Spirit". I was explaining what this means to my youngest yesterday. We are certainly supposed to talk to God and tell Him what we need, and I believe we are to tell Him what we want as well. But that little "in the Spirit" changes the attitude of those prayers. Instead of simply telling God what I want I also submit to what He wants, even if it's not what I want. I want His will more than my own.
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