Saturday, April 12, 2008


I read the book of Ruth today (yes, I know I am behind). I love this book; besides the fact that it’s a great story, there are so many pictures and concepts of God and His people. I started an article over a year ago… I will have to go back and finish it.

Anyway, what stood out to me today is the lineage at the end of the book. My kids hate lineages! But this one is great. It starts with Perez. I didn’t remember who he was, so I went back to look. Remember the story about Judah, how his first son was wicked and died, leaving a wife and no children. So his second son took the wife, but refused to have children in his brother’s name and so he died. Judah wouldn’t give his 3rd son to the wife, so she tricked him by pretending to be a prostitute and ended up pregnant. Perez was the first born twin boy of this unlikely union between Judah and Tamar, his dead son’s wife. Come down a few generations to Salmon. Salmon married Rahab, the prostitute from Jericho. Their son was Boaz, the man who married Ruth the Moabitess. And just 3 generations later came King David, and follow on down the line to Christ.

Isn’t it amazing how God’s plan has unexpected twists and turns, and isn’t it interesting the people that He uses in His plan. God even uses our sin in His plan. Maybe there is hope for me!
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