Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today I took my teens to see the movie, "Expelled". I highly recommend it. It got me thinking.. the natural progression of Darwinism is the devaluation of individual humans. In other words, there is no intrinsic value in being a human being. The logical progression from that is scary. The following list is just off the top of my head:

no moral absolutes
no right or wrong
child abuse: physical, sexual, emotional
domestic violence
kids become a burden and a nuisance
elderly become a burden and a nuisance
handicapped become a burden and a nuisance

Some of these things seem relatively small, while others are huge; but can you see the connections? Can you see how the small things lead to the big ones? Can you see how they all stem from the devaluing of human life?

We must teach the value of human life. People must see their worth in God's eyes. We must teach and show our children that they have intrinsic value, that they are worth everything to us and to God. How will they learn that if we as parents do not show it?
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