Monday, November 1, 2010

True Woman 2010 Indy

Well, yesterday finished up my random thoughts and notes from the conference. But I am thrilled to report that it doesn't have to end... all the conferences are now available online for free! You can watch, listen, or read transcripts of everything! I have been listening to 2010 Chatanooga lately (while I clean house)... and there are several that I will need to go back and take notes on. I don't get the atmosphere like being there live, but God has really been speaking to me through these messages. The whole focus of Revive Our Hearts addresses an area that I have struggled with, whether I realized it or not, since I became a believer as a teenager. Everything in my sin nature, everything in the world, and everything Satan tells me oppose what Scripture calls me to be as a godly woman. Thank you Lord for bringing this ministry into my life!
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