Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why blog?

I haven't posted much in 2010, and what little is here was just passing along interesting or funny stuff. I have been doing a lot of thinking and praying, but not much writing of any kind. Now I am wondering, why? Why do I write? and why do I post it to a blog? and is there a point at all? Is anybody reading it, does it do anyone any good?

These questions started back in Nov when I did nablopomo... post something every day for a month. I ended up posting stuff just to have something to post. And it felt like a waste of time and cyberspace. I have never wanted a blog just to have a blog, never wanted to post just to be doing it. I absolutely never wanted a blog with nothing to say... I certainly don't want to post what I had for dinner! (Maybe if I was a great or creative cook...)

Today some answers finally came to me. I write what God is teaching me, and some of it is worth sharing. The title of my blog is The Non-Conformist Transformed... it is supposed to be the story of how God is transforming me. It is not for me, not so lots of people can read my writing, certainly not so anybody can tell me how wonderful I am. It's not for me at all. It is for God, and for His Glory. It is what He has done in my life, and if He can use these lessons in someone else's life that's even better.

So, it matters not if anybody reads this, or responds to this, at all. It is my testimony. And it will not be pointless.
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