Sunday, February 15, 2009

Missions Conference thoughts...

What is the purpose of missions? Why do we support missionaries, and why do they go? It’s not about winning an argument or a debate, it’s not about being right. It’s about glorifying God, it’s about worship, it’s about loving the world in the name of Christ. When those things happen, when the world sees that, some of them hear and are drawn into the Message of Christ.

Our church missions conference is winding down, and it has been a great weekend. I love spending time with missionaries. I love the reality of God and His Work and prayer, I love the passion, I love the foreign perspective. They live in a bigger world than most of us. Some things strike me very strongly in missionaries, and indeed in pastors and Believers in general. The biggest is humility, knowing that it is God doing this work, not me. The other thing is passion; sometimes it is a quiet passion, sometimes animated and flamboyant, sometimes it is excited and sometimes it is tired, but it is there. I think I saw it all this weekend; lots of different personalities and mission fields and people and needs. Some of them I connected with in a special way and I intend to keep up with them in their work and pray for them.

The world is full of different kinds of people and different kinds of needs in different kinds of places. Some of those places are here at home, some far away. Find a way and a place to plug in to that somewhere.
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