Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On a Personal Note...

Just wanted to take a moment and say that I have not forgotten my blog or my writing. Last week was incredibly busy with the Karate Camp, which BTW was a great success. Also I started running a paper route last week... from the hours of about 1-5:00am. I am trying to figure out when to sleep...

This week I am sending e-mails and making contacts with Christian schools to see about the possibility of starting new kids karate classes as part of their after-school program. If I can get 2 new 1-day/week classes in locations with lots of built in students, I will be able to quit the paper route and sleep again. So if you have any connections with any Christian Schools in the Birmingham area, please put in a good word for me! I am also advertising my current class within the homeschool community, so connections there would be a good thing too. My next targets, if I should need them, will be some large churches, public schools, and day care centers.

I continue to write, both in my head and on paper, but I just haven't had time to edit and polish. But this too shall pass, and this season of life will not last forever.

Remember Christ's passion for you, and ask God to give you a passion for Him!
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