Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Some of you may have been wondering where I've been... I haven't posted much or sent out "becky's thoughts" in the last few weeks. And if you haven't missed me, don't tell me!

The picture above is where I've been. Yep, 1 down , 3 to go. I am sure the brick wall symbolizes something, either for Jacob or me, but I haven't figured out what yet...

Graduation was Sunday. We had lots of family come, so I spent the week or 2 leading up to that cleaning house. And pulling together a slide show of Jacob's life. And helping prepare for a high school meeting we had the friday before. And pushing kids through school work. And there was the ballet recital too. And a lot of things I can't remember. Oh yeah, and I got sick last week, which hit the peak of feel bad on sunday... graduation day. LOL, have I got good timing or what? As a few of the other moms got teary eyed, I was drifting on the fumes of extra strength cough medicene.

All through May I just prayed I'd make it to the end of the month. And now, it's June. . God is good! Let's see... June has VBS, college orientation, trip to Ohio for harp camp, ballet starts back up, a wedding to go to, some school work... welcome to my summer break!
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