Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It clings to me.
It permeates my nature
my mind
my emotions
my body.

God draws me to Himself,
it becomes where “I” am.
God uses my writing or my teaching,
it becomes what “I” did.
God blesses me,
it becomes “my” blessing.
God teaches me a truth from scripture,
it becomes what “I” know.
God gives me ability and success,
it becomes “my” success.
God answers my prayer,
it becomes pride in “my” prayer.
God gives me freedom to live outside the box,
I become proud of “my” individuality.

God has given me a heart for Him;
God has given me a passion to study and learn;
God has given me a mind that remembers;
Am I arrogant?
Do I put my hope in myself?

God, turn my pride and arrogance into
Humility in myself and
Confidence in You.

Take “me” out of myself, and
allow me to point to You,
consistently and constantly.

Rebecca A Givens, 3/08
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