Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thoughts on Prayer

Several years ago I wrote on an index card a list of character traits or attitudes that I wanted to see in myself. I made this card part of my prayer list, and over the years I have added notes and lists to it. This morning as I prayed I decided to share these things with you. I apologize for not having scripture to back it up, perhaps I will go back and add that when I have more time.

The attitudes that follow apply both internally (who I am), and externally (what I do). They apply in all areas of my being: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. Here's the list.

Intimacy (open myself to God, my husband)
Trust (again God, my husband, the right people)
Respect (authority in my life)
Approval/non-critical (of others)
Adventure (seek it in God)
Newness (His mercies are new every morning!)
Mercy (toward others)
Confidence (in God and myself)
Vulnerable (it's ok to need others)

Some of the notes I have added to my card are:

I am a Warrior and a Saint, a daughter of the King! (act like it!)
Always behave with integrity, honor, and respect.
My "jobs" have a priority: God, husband, kids, church, karate class.

Rebecca A Givens
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