Sunday, October 7, 2007

2007 Fall Karate Clinic

Yesterday I hosted the Shingo-ha Yoshukai Fall Clinic. What a great day we had! Twenty-two adults and teens and eleven children from Tennessee, Arkansas, and Alabama gathered to train and fellowship. Upton Sensei, my teacher, arrived friday night and we trained with my brown belts. I cannot describe how wonderful it was to train and do kata with Sensei again. Tomlinson Sensei arrived Friday night and joined us as well. Then we spent some time visiting with Doshu, the head and founder of our organization, at his hotel. Saturday morning the official clinic began. Doshu had a great time with the kids. I wish you could have heard their giggles! They will always remember the time that a 10th degree black belt invested in them. The kids also did kata for the adults. I was very proud of what they did! The adults had a great day of training as well. We did weapons basics; I always enjoy having time to go back and practice basics, and I enjoy watching someone else teach beginners; it helps me be a better teacher later on. And of course, we worked some great self-defense. I am sure we all came away a bit sore and bruised and tired, but as always I have a wonderful feeling of well being as well. What I have written here does not do justice to the day's events. There were jokes and laughter, yelling and berating, hard work and kiai(s). There were punches and kicks and bruises; hugs and a hand up from the mat. I was overwhelmed with the family of our group. Here are a few pictures...

Left to Right

Front row: Scott Tomlinson Shihan, Bobby Boulware Shihan, Mike Sadler Doshu, Howard Upton Shihan, Mike Sadler Jr Shihan

Middle row: Elizabeth Fisher, Robin Hamerdinger, Becky Givens, Scott Shroeder, Michael Smith, Ed Dunning

Back row: Kitt Perkins, Christine Watts, Michael Brown, Danny Amegin, Tanner Brown

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