Monday, May 25, 2015

Trusting and Waiting

A wonderful thing happened a few weeks ago.  I realized I was happy with my life and the direction it was moving.  The odd thing about that was that I had no real idea of where life was going, and at that point no control of it either.  I was waiting for other people to make decisions.  Yet I was happy with whatever the outcome of the future, because I trusted God with it.

For nine months I had been in survival mode, but suddenly I was excited about the future, whatever it might hold.  I don’t know how many years it has been since I looked forward to the future.  Let me tell you, it felt good to feel alive again. 

Shortly after that epiphany moment, good things began to happen.  I was unexpectedly promoted to Yondan (4th degree blackbelt) and given the title of Renshi (expert teacher).  I was unexpectedly given a Shodan (blackbelt) certificate to teach sword.  God blessed me with some financial gifts.  I got accepted to Graduate School.  I was offered more hours at my high paying job.
I am SO glad God’s timing brought those material blessings after He brought the spiritual blessing.  Being able to trust God in uncertain times is such a gift.  I have experienced peace and joy and life that have nothing to do with my circumstances, and everything to do with trusting my Heavenly Father.  My certainty has nothing to do with my control, because I had no control over any of those things.  Rather, my certainty is based in God’s sovereignty, in His control and power and plan for everything that happens to me - good, bad and otherwise.  And because I trust Him, I can wait for Him. 

There seems to be a cycle of trust, peace, hope, wait.  That is where I want to stay.  That is what I need to carry me through the difficult times which are always going to come.

Can you walk in light through the valley of the shadow of death?
Can you walk in abundance through the wilderness?
Can you walk in oasis through the desert?

Only if you carry the light and the abundance and the oasis inside of you.  And I do. 

I can wait upon the Lord because:
I have hope in Heaven rather than on earth.
I have peace that passes all understanding, peace with God, no matter what my circumstances are.
I trust His Sovereign plan and His Love for me.


©Rebecca A Givens, 05/11/15
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