Monday, December 23, 2013

Things to remember for Christmas Baking

1.       Cooking is more important than cleaning.  In fact, eating is most important of all.

2.       Turn on Christmas music.  Reminders of the omniscient Santa Clause watching you will help.

3.       Don’t bother to clean first.  Especially kitchen floors.

4.       Except do keep the dishwasher running.  24/7.  You’ll be glad you did.

5.       Do not just dump the bag of flour into the flour tin.  Who the heck made a flour tin smaller than a bag of flour?!

6.       Refer to lesson 2.

7.       Do not double the pumpkin bread recipe.  I don’t care how many old packages of pumpkin you need to use because you found them in the bottom of your freezer yesterday.  Crap!  The mixer is overflowing before you can even get the flour in it!

8.       Refer to lesson 2.

9.       When in need of a huge mixing bowl the top to your cake carrier works great.

10.   Dang, no matter how many loads of dishes you do, that huge mixing bowl/cake carrier won’t fit in the dishwasher.

11.   When you have used every bread pan and mini bread pan and muffin tin you own, the cast iron skillet works great.

12.   Wash dishes.  Sweep floor.  Mop if must.  OR even better:

13.   Go type up a list of silly things you thought about while you were messing up your kitchen.

14.   Thank God for the people you love who will eat your pumpkin bread!
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