Saturday, June 30, 2012

Some great resources

I love my IPOD!  A friend gave me an old ipod and I could not make it work.  As I looked online for a way to fix it, I found that that model in that year had been recalled, and Apple would replace it for free.  A week later I had not only an ipod, but a new model brand new ipod!!  Believe me, it made the trip to Texas last weekend go by much faster.

2 of the things I listened to on that trip are linked below.  Both deal with homosexuality.

Revive Our Hearts, Out of a Far Country, which aired several weeks ago.  I had read the book the week before.  I highly recommend both the book and the program.  I will blog about it soon.

On that same topic of homosexuality, I listened to some messages by John Piper (the linked one and part 2 were the best), and also one by Al Mohler that I got off the Desiring God website.  The Al Mohler message was outstanding.
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