Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another year gone...

Well, 2010 is gone. And yes, I know I am a couple of weeks late with that realization! What a great illustration of how 2010 was... a blur of activity and barely hanging on to get the necessities done. Not much writing happened, there was just very little emotional or creative energy available for that.

I was operating at (maybe even beyond) the limit of my abilities, but isn't it great to know that God wasn't? That He is not stressed, He has plenty of time to do His work, and He knows exactly how things are going to turn out? All the time? And it will all be for His glory and my good in the end. He continues to ask me, "Becky, do you trust me? Then do what I ask you to do." So this is my motto for this new year: "Lord, I trust You. What do You want me to do? Do it in me."

You may recall that a year ago my kids gave me a GoBible for Christmas... basically an audio Bible loaded on an mp3 player. I came up with a somewhat random plan to listen to the entire Bible, hoping I would finish in a year. My schedule is too odd to have a strict plan that was sure to work. So this is what I did. On days when I went to town (and I wasn't listening to something with my kids) I listened to a Proverb, actually it was usually 2 of them, I tried to keep up with the day of the month, so I listened to the whole book every month. Then I listened to a Psalm, or 2. Then I spent the rest of the trip into town listening straight through from Genesis to Revelation. This plan varied from day to week to season... depending on motorcycle weather and books on tape and staying home all together. Well, on the last day of the year I finished Revelation. How cool is that? So, I listened to Proverbs 12 times, Psalms 2-3 times, and everything else once last year. All during time that was normally wasted in driving. I was pumped. I love the big picture that gives me. I had to really work not to stop and relisten to something... my tendency is to look at the details. But that particular time of driving was not for picking things apart; there would have to be other times for that.

So, what about 2011?
Pretty much the same plan. But this year I am not focusing on Proverbs, but on Romans. I started out memorizing the book of Romans last year, and had to set it aside. This year I decided I would listen to all 16 chapters pretty much straight through (did that on the way home from TX), and then listen to 1 chapter several times for a week, then the next week ch 2, etc. In 16 weeks I will finish and begin the whole cycle over again. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have it more or less memorized. Again, all during time that would have been wasted.

Oh yeah, and as a point of interest, on my way home from town each trip I listened to audio books or history, or occasionally music. Very cool.

"Lord, I trust you." He is trustworthy.
"What do you want me to do?" It's in scripture.
"Do it in me." His strength, my weakness.
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