Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How Can It Be?

I was flipping through the notebook I keep in my Bible yesterday, looking for devotional material for my upcoming karate camps. This notebook is where I write random thoughts and Bible notes which are the start of most of what I write. I ran across this piece that I wrote about a month ago...

How Can It Be?

Something inside is lonely and lifeless and dead.
How can that be?

The Spirit of God lives in me.
The Son of God died to give me life.
Peace and joy are mine,
yet peace and joy elude me.
They are submerged,
drowning under the cares and concerns of the world,
hidden behind the activities and busyness of this life.

I am weary and tired.
Where is the strength of eagles’ wings?
My mind is scattered and dark.
Myriad thoughts flit in and out so quickly
they can’t be grasped and looked at.
There is no time to ponder or think deeply.
There are no thoughts to dwell on anyway.

There is nothing to hold fast to.
How can this be?

I have God’s Word to meditate on;
the light for my path and my eyes.
It should capture my fleeting thoughts.
It should anchor me to that firm foundation
which I know I possess.

I need Your Light
Your Peace
Your Joy
Your Strength
Your Mind
Your Attitude
Your Love
I need You.

That is How it should be.
And can be.
And will be.

©Rebecca A Givens, 07/04/10
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